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University of Buckingham Press Launches UBP Open Books

University of Buckingham Press (UBP) has announced the launch of UBP Open Books, a new open access books imprint. New titles will be published on a gold open access basis under a CC-BY-NC licence to ensure all digital editions are available equally and openly to a global audience.

As part of its new books strategy, the UBP Open Books imprint will run in tandem with its commissioned books list. Additionally, the press is also looking at ways in which to flip an increasingly number of backlist titles across to its open access list in line with the current direction of the academic books sector.

Since being acquired by award-winning publishing group Legend Times in 2019, UBP has also doubled its range of academic journals and announced a number of partnerships to expand the global reach of its published content. Partnerships that will also apply to its open access book content.

The first of the UBP Open Books titles will be released in early 2022, with one title How to Grow and Evolve Your Business already underway, in addition to a series of titles on cyber security. UBP is happy to consider any open access proposals around its core subjects: Education, Business and Economics, Cyber Security, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences.

All open access book publications will be peer-reviewed and for content accepted for publication, book publication or chapter publication charges will apply, depending on whether the title is a single or multi-author publication.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of Legend Times, commented: “Two points that are essential to the mission of UBP are to be at the forefront of the evolution of scholarly publishing and also to provide equal and open access to content. We see the launch of UBP Open Books as both an exciting venture and a demonstration of our commitment to open access publishing. We are looking forward to seeing the new imprint grow and develop a strong reputation for publishing high-quality, relevant and important work.” Information on UBP Open Books and how to submit proposals for consideration can be found by clicking here To get in touch with the team at University of Buckingham Press, email:

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