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The final instalment in UBP’s military history trilogy – out next week

Here at the Buckingham University Press (UBP), we are excited to announce that Lafayette We Are Here!, the highly anticipated final instalment in UBP’s military history trilogy, by Jean-Michel Steg is being launched on Monday 23 May. The first in this series - Death in the Ardennes: 22nd August 1914: France’s Deadliest Day was published in October 2021 and proved to be a great success. This, combined with the popularity of the second title - These Englishmen Who Died for France: 1st July 1916: The Bloodiest Day in British History – meant that we have accelerated the release of the final book in the series.

About Lafayette We Are Here!

6th June 1918 saw more American soldiers fall on French soil than the famous 1944 D-Day landings. Why is this fact so little known? As well as providing a detailed account of this funereal episode, Lafayette We Are Here! looks at the reasons behind American involvement in what was primarily a European conflict. Why did a neutral government in 1914, driven by a largely pacifist population, end up joining the Allies in 1917? In this third instalment of his trilogy concerning the deadliest days of the First World War, Jean-Michel Steg investigates a cataclysmic battle for the American Marines in a small wood in northern France and presents an informative and accessible overview of the military strategy and geopolitical context.

About the Author

Jean-Michel Steg works as a Senior Adviser to financial firm Greenhill & Co. He holds a PhD in History from EHESS in Paris, a Master's degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a degree from the Institut d'Etudes Politique de Paris. He has been nominated in France to the Ordre National du Mérite. The trilogy represents powerful pieces of work which are brought to life by a real expert in his field and are a must read for anyone interested in this fascinating and often misunderstood period in history.

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