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The Status and Recognition of Post-1992 Transnistria – New UBP Book Announcement

A new University of Buckingham Press (UBP) title has just been made available to pre-order and is receiving growing interest as a result of its relevance to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The Status and Recognition of Post-1992 Transnistria: An Investigation of the Case for de jure Independence by Richard Colbey is being released on 17th October and has been written following an extensive research period in a bid by the author to uncover the best outcome for the region.

About The Status and Recognition of Post-1992 Transnistria

Legally part of Moldova, Transnistria is sandwiched between that country and southern Ukraine. After the USSR broke up, its people’s desire not to be governed by Moldova led to a 1992 war in which nearly 1,000 died. Since then, it has maintained de facto independence, although it relies significantly on Russian economic, political and military support. Technically, there is still a conflict between Transnistria and Moldova, but this has become frozen and they enjoy reasonably civil relations. Resulting from six years of research, during which the author made nine visits to the territory – where he interviewed politicians, judges, public servants, human rights lawyers, diplomats, police officers, academics, students and others – this book examines what the best future for Transnistria is and whether de jure independence is a viable solution.

About Richard Colbey

Richard Colbey is a barrister practising in London who is also admitted as a Californian attorney, has qualified as fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and holds a PhD from the University of Buckingham. He has written in many legal journals and has contributed several hundred columns for The Guardian on personal finance law.

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