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University Libraries and Small Presses Survey – Get Your Voice Heard

At the heart of every university, school or community there is a library. Embracing new technology, they play a vital role in providing content in many forms whether for research, work or pleasure.

Here at the University of Buckingham Press (UBP) we are continuing to expand our range of journals and books, as well as content and research partnerships, and our intention is to make libraries central to how and what we publish. We are in wide-ranging consultations with a large number of libraries but always open to learning more about how we can work better together.

Aside from the major corporations, there are a growing number of university presses and other small to medium-sized publishers who are regularly producing vital research, information and insight. To gain a stronger understanding of this shifting landscape, UBP has launched a survey to study the types of agreements that universities and research libraries would be interested in forming with small to medium academic presses.

In addition, it will collate insight into how these partnerships can be forged and developed to ensure all libraries and institutions have equal and full access for their users to having quality work published as well as to as diverse a range of research as possible.

Your contribution would be hugely valued. So, if you have a spare five minutes, we’d very much appreciate you taking part in this survey. To do so simply click here

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