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UBP's Little Helpers Series to Raise Environmental Awareness

Here at the University of Buckingham Press, our mission is to publish meaningful, important and engaging content and make it available to as wide a global audience as possible. We publish journals and books which cover an array of subjects including education, climate change, environment, economics, law, art, food and drink, literature and media studies. As part of this variety, we wanted to introduce you to one of our most recent series - The Little Helpers by Claire Culliford. This is a collection of climate-conscious children's books which offer a fun and accessible way for children to learn about the environment and feature beautiful full-colour illustrations by Emma Allen. This series was written in accordance with a number of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in a bid to raise awareness at a young age when it comes to global environmental and social issues as well as establishing enjoyable, creative ways of resolving them.

Praise for The Little Helpers series

“Engaging and educational” People's Trust for Endangered Species

“Wonderful” Peter Hylands, President, Australian Wildlife Protection Council

“Truthful and inspiring” Emma Girvan, PR and Communications, The Australian Koala Foundation

“Beautiful” Anne Rowberry, Chair of The British Beekeepers Association

“Educates and inspires” Iglika Trifonova, Chair of APECS Bulgaria

“Fun and engaging” Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley

“Really engage[s] children and provide[s] a platform for them to explore some really big questions” Debbie Kelly, Principal, Beaumont Park Academy

“We love Claire’s characters” Rufus Bellamy, Manager, David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme

“Fun and accessible” Joe Eisen, Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation UK

The Little Helpers Series

Hector Helps Clean up the Park

Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps

Tyler Helps Find a New Home

Paula Helps Prevent Air Pollution

Kati Helps Avoid Hunger

Bella Helps Increase Pollination

Eddie Helps Locate Water

Pan Pan Helps Shelter From Acid Rain

The first three books in the series have been translated into over 20 languages.

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