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UBP announces plans to publish 'Diverse Educators: A Manifesto'

University of Buckingham Press (UBP) has announced that plans are in place to publish 'Diverse Educators: A Manifesto' collated by Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA and Bansi Kara FCCT in January 2022.

'Diverse Educators: A Manifesto' will be both academic and accessible. It is aimed at capturing the collective voice of its community and showcasing the diverse lived experiences of educators. The authors are currently searching for 10-chapter editors and 100 contributors to take part.

You can read Hannah’s blog here which explains how people can get involved.

This announcement comes on the back of UBP’s recent partnership with Research Solutions Inc that will see all of its journal content available to R&D organisations worldwide.

Since being acquired by award-winning publishing group Legend Times in 2019, UBP has doubled its range of academic journals and announced a number of partnerships to expand the global reach of its research content. Through the journals, UBP now publishes research on a wide range of subjects, including medicine, law, education, business, economics, languages and linguistics, cyber security and architecture, with further journal announcements expected in 2021.

UBP publishes a range of trade and academic books covering subjects including education, humanities, art, law, medicine, artificial intelligence, cyber security and the environment. It also has a range of academic journals, published under both subscription and Open Access models.

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