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The impact of Covid-19 on the gambling industry

Covid-19 has affected every single industry across the globe in some form or another. When it comes to the gambling world, the cancellation of sporting events across the world obviously had a major initial impact on revenue streams.

However, as sport gradually returned – albeit behind closed doors for the time being at least – so too did an uplift in these markets. This was accelerated by more games and events being broadcast via a wider range of mediums than ever before. A trend which helped to generate a bigger and more captive audience. In addition, firms with a strong offering in areas such as online poker and casino games enjoyed a significant uptick in website traffic, as the boredom of lockdown helped spur new account sign-ups.

It has not been an easy time for the gambling industry and, inevitably, the firms who have a more diverse offering will be the ones who found it easier to navigate the initial lockdown period. There is also a theory that Covid-19 will probably result in a faster rate of US sports betting legalisation, potentially followed by online casino legalisation, and this will be an interesting story to follow in 2021.

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I know these things but william bentick is always fond of playing cards even in the severe Covid-19 situation.

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