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New Issue of IJPCM Focuses on Work-Life Balance

This month we are highlighting The International Journal of Person Centered Medicine, in particular, Volume 9, Issue 3, which has just been published on our platform - click here to view

The theme of this issue is work-life balance, and it brings together an international selection of contributors:

  • Helen L. Millar investigates burnout in the NHS.

  • Kevin M. Cloninger, Alexandre Granjard, Nigel Lester, Erik Lindskär, Patricia Rosenberg, C. Robert Cloninger and Danilo Garcia report on a pilot study on refugees in Sweden.

  • Yoshifumi Nakashima, Toru Yoshikawa, Michiko Kido, Yoshiharu Aizawa and Kichiro Matsumoto discuss work reforms in Japan.

  • Jon Snaedal identifies challenges and solutions to work-life balance issues in Nordic countries.

  • Ulrich Weigeldt describes the situation regarding work-life balance for GPs in Germany.

This is a highly informative, engaging and enlightening issue which we hope will be of interest.

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