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Latest Issue of Denning Law Journal Published

Today sees publication of Volume 32 of the prestigious and long-running Denning Law Journal.

Articles included within this edition are:

Frances Burton’s ‘Owens v Owens: A Most Curious Case’ which examines a landmark case in family law and the need for legislative reform around divorce that it highlighted.

Carrie de Silva’s ‘Not My Employee, Not My Liability’ which probes into the employer-employee relationship with regard to the concept of vicarious liability.

Affifa Farrukh’s ‘What Are the Legal Mechanisms for Seeking Solutions to Disparities in the Delivery of Care in the NHS and Where Does Liability Lie?’, is a review of the legal recourses available open to groups of patients who experience discrimination in the delivery of their care.

Andra le Roux-Kemp’s ‘Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy’, is a critical look at legal education in Hong Kong.

Mark Pawlowksi and James Brown’s ‘Beneficial Ownership of the Family Home’, compares joint home ownership in England and Australia.

It also includes a comment by Stephen Pitt-Walker and a book review by Jocelynne A. Scutt to round off the issue.

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