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Finally, can we now predict the Euro 2020 football results?

With Euro 2020 capturing the imaginations this summer and featuring some unpredictable results, we would like to highlight some football-related content in one of the University of Buckingham Press’s key journals The Journal of Prediction Markets.

Matthew Hood, William Chittenden and R. Todd Jewell’s ‘Never Tell Me the Odds: The Stingy Odds for Leicester City to Win the English Premier League’ examines the true value odds behind long-shot bets, such as the one on Leicester City to win the Premier League title in 2016.

Click here to view article In ‘Analyzing Information Efficiency in the Betting Market for Association Football League Winners’, Lars Magnus Hvattum investigates the difference between prediction markets for individual matches versus those for league winners.

Click here to view article Bruno Deschamps and Olivier Gergaud’s ‘Efficiency in Betting Markets: Evidence from English Football’ looks at various biases in the odds for English football betting.

We hope this helps and good luck with your predictions!

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