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A focus on: The Fourth Education Revolution Reconsidered

This week we’d like to focus on one of our most eminent authors Sir Anthony Seldon and his book The Fourth Education Revolution Reconsidered.

Sir Anthony Seldon originally wrote The Fourth Education Revolution to critical acclaim in 2018, which focused on the impact of AI on education and how a transition from the current “factory model” of education to a technology-enhanced, personalised “Education 4.0” could permanently change the role of teachers and democratise the learning process.

The new book goes further to examine the impact of the global pandemic on education, and how these extraordinary circumstances have given a new sense of urgency to the need for technological advances in the education sector. It also assesses the latest advances in EdTech and the current debate among thought leaders in the field.

The Fourth Education Revolution Reconsidered’ – a review

Below is a review of the book by The Jewish Chronicle.

Let's kiss goodbye to exams

Artificial intelligence will bring sweeping changes to our education system, predicts Sir Anthony Seldon

GCSEs and A-levels may have been cancelled for a second year. But students are still waiting to hear what precisely will take their place and whether they will still have to sit some form of externally set tests.

For the government, the main priority will be to avoid last year’s results fiasco when public outcry forced it to withdraw the notorious algorithm used by the regulator Ofqual to adjust teacher-assessed grades.

There are some, however, who believe the disruption to our education system caused by the pandemic should be prompting us to re-evaluate its purpose and the role of exams.

Among those is one of the country’s most prominent educationists, the former Vice-Chancellor of Buckingham University and former head of Brighton and Wellington Colleges, Sir Anthony Seldon.

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If you are interested in purchasing this book (RRP £14.99) then please click here to visit the Legend Bookshop.

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