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At University of Buckingham Press, we are interested in submissions from most disciplines across the humanities, science and social science – particularly books that simultaneously make a contribution to scholarly debate and have the potential to cross over to a general readership. We are also expanding our range of educational titles aimed at primary and secondary school pupils, whether for home learning or school adoption.

How to submit


Please email your proposal to with the following information:

  • Please include 'UBP' in the subject line of your email

  • Why you think University of Buckingham Press is the right publisher for you

  • Details of your academic/research career or any other experience that is relevant to your area of research, as well as previous publications

  • The contact details of at least one person working in your field that is willing to act as a referee, as well as any additional endorsements you may have

  • At least two comparable titles, i.e. books that have been published in the last five years that are similar in terms of subject matter and/or readership

  • A detailed synopsis

  • If the book is already at draft stage, the first three chapters of your manuscript (as an attachment)

We do not accept paper submissions and cannot return any material posted to us. Multiple submissions will not be read. Please do not send original text, illustrations or artwork in case of loss or damage in transit.

For generalist non-fiction or fiction submissions, please consider submitting to our sister imprints, Hero and Legend Press, respectively.

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