The Dickensian: A Cumulative Index

The Dickensian: A Cumulative Index


The long awaited Index update is now available in limited edition


The Dickensian was first published in January 1905 and has provided a rich source of information about all kinds of Dickens-related matters for over one hundred and five years. Its readership embraces a wide range of scholars and enthusiasts throughout the world. It is frequently quoted in other works and acts as a journal of record for its publisher, the Dickens Fellowship.


To access the encyclopaedic wealth of material provided in the pages of the journal some help is clearly necessary. The first index to The Dickensian was commissioned by the Dickens Fellowship to celebrate the journal’s seventieth anniversary in 1972. The index, compiled by Frank Dunn, was completed in 1976 as The Dickensian: A Cumulative Analytical Index, 1905-1974. The current limited edition update, compiled by John Welford, is a complementary volume to the Dunn Index, and covers the years 1975 to 2005.


In the pages of John Welford’s index users of The Dickensian will find themselves able to track down references to events in Dickens’s life, aspects of his character, links to the times in which he wrote, as well as much fascinating information about his subsequent reputation. References to the novels, aspects of their composition, characters in them, reviews of adaptations for various media, the journals Dickens edited and his celebrated public readings all figure in detail in the index. The journal’s intimate connection with its parent organisation is also acknowledged in references to the activities of the Fellowship and its branches. Entries in the index are arranged alphabetically and there are two supplementary indexes provided, for illustrations and obituaries.


We feel sure that all readers of the journal, both professional and amateur, will want to have access to this volume, produced by The University of Buckingham Press and published in 2010.