Anthony Green: Printed Pictures

Anthony Green: Printed Pictures


It happened after leaving the Slade School of Art.
Anthony Green realised that Mary Cozens-Walker would be the subject of his life's work.


Anthony's Green art foregrounding his wife, Mary Cozens-Walker, has resulted in an impressive body of work. It encompassed over 50 years of creative enterprise: paintings, sculptures, and prints.


Since 1988, Green has produced two to three prints each year, many of which have featured at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.


Anthony Green: Printed Pictures features the University of Buckingham Collection which included almost all of Green's prints to date. His extraordinarily colourful palette has been faithfully reproduced, alongside captions for each print, revealing new and specific information about their background and production.


Dr Paul Davis's fascinating introductory essay draws on the recent interviews with Anthony Green, as well as art critics' opinions, past and present, from the UK and beyond.