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Journal Focus: Denning Law Journal

After highlighting UBP’s most recently launched journal last week, this time we are having a look at its longest established journal: The Denning Law Journal, founded in 1985 and named after one of Britain’s most illustrious judges, Lord Denning OM, Master of the Rolls (1899–1999).

The scope of the journal is general and international, while the ethos is to publish articles according to the principles that Denning held most dear: freedom of the individual; independence from state intervention; preservation of human rights; preserving the traditions of judicial independence; integrity and creativity; and libertarianism.

One of the journal’s most read articles is Lord Goff’s illuminating 2012 essay, ‘Judge, Jurist and Legislature’, which examines the role of the judge and the judiciary in relation to an ever-changing legal landscape.

We hope you found this article informative. Here at the University of Buckingham Press, we’re working with a growing number of university departments and professional associations on new journal projects but we’re always interested in hearing from thought-leaders across various fields.

So, if publishing a journal might be interest then please contact us at and we can discuss this further.

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