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Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps

by Claire Culliford

The second book in the Little Helpers series, a new collection of environmental and social-focused children's books.

Penny is a positive little penguin who likes sliding along the ice caps into the sea. When she finds out that the ice caps are in danger because of climate change, she wants to help. But just what can a penguin do to stop the ice caps melting?

Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps is part of a series of children’s picture books written in accordance with a number of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. With fantastic, colourful animal characters, the stories show children how helping each other and their environment can be lots of fun!


The books are suitable for use at home or in the classroom and include questions for discussion on the topics raised – a useful supplement for teachers and parents.


ISBN (Paperback): 9781800318618

ISBN (Ebook): 9781800318625

Published 1st November 2020
Price: £5.99 (Paperback) £3.99 (Ebook)
Extent: 16 pages
Format: 220 x 220mm
Markets: World

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