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Nettie in Cyberland

by Wendy Goucher

'A delightful book that communicates essential online safety principles in an engaging way.'

Professor Karen Renaud, Abertay University

'Finally, an essential and engaging book for introducing the significance of cybersecurity to young children.'

Richard Hollis, Director, Risk Factory

'As a long-time advocate for instructing children about Internet safety and the concepts of cyber security, it was a pleasure to introduce Nettie and Webby to my own children. I look forward to their further adventures!'

Becky Pinkard, CISO, Aldermore Bank PLC

This book takes Nettie on her first adventure in Cyberland with her new friend Webby, where she finds not everything is cute and fluffy. Using the story of Nettie and Webby, adults can introduce cybersecurity to young children and start the conversation about going online safely.

Relevant links are included at the end of the book to help parents and carers further their understanding of risk and protection on the Internet.

'Nettie’s creator is not only a globally recognised cybersecurity practitioner, specialising in security awareness and education, but also spent part of her life as a teacher and understands that little ones need to learn about the world, be careful but not be scared of what can be a great learning tool.'

Jo Stewart-Rattray, Global Board Director, ISACA

'This is a first class book, so apt for the children to read and understand. The words and illustrations will no doubt create the impressions in a subtle manner for children to remember, as all good books do.' 

John McNally MP


ISBN (Paperback): 9781800319844

ISBN (Ebook): 9781800319851

Published 13th July 2020
Price: £6.99 (Paperback) £3.99 (Ebook)
Extent: 24 pages
Format: 254 x 203mm
Markets: World

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