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Global Innovation

by Jonathan Reuvid

The process of interaction, integration between people, companies, governments and nations is driven by international trade and investment, which in turn is aided by technology and innovation. Companies planning to expand their export business base or to enter international markets for the first time need to focus their strengths and match them with market opportunities. A company’s success is likely to be founded or reinforced by innovation which will need to be protected and supported by expert advice or partnerships. Global Innovation offers encouragement to innovators, advice on essential preparation for exporters and export strategy including a five-point approach to identifying priority markets.

The book is spilt into three parts, Part One: ENCOURAGING INNOVATORS, Part Two: PREPARING TO EXPORT and Part Three: ADDRESSING TARGET MARKETS. The book also includes details of priority markets for export such as United States, France, Japan, Germany, China and more. With foreword by Chris Southworth, Secretary General, ICC United Kingdom and contribution from key industry experts such as Coventry University, Basck, BExA, Patentgate, TAIO, and Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply to name a few, this is an indispensable guide for business to expand their goods, services, process and IP’s into the global market.


ISBN (Paperback): 9781787198609

ISBN (Ebook): 9781787198593

Published 30th July 2020
Price: £39.99 (Paperback) £27.99 (Ebook)
Extent: 250 pages
Format: 152 x 229mm
Markets: World

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