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Digital Liberty: Power, Wealth and the Influence Machine by Matt Stroud

Digital Liberty explores the imminent convergence of three pivotal themes: data, artificial intelligence and society’s intricate social graph, and wars of a looming crisis that threatens to challenge the very foundations of liberal democracies. Two distinct paths unfurl – a dystopian trajectory marked by surging inequality, globalized elites, and societal unrest, and a utopian alternative rooted in adapting to this impending crisis. Drawing from the annals of liberal philosophy and guided by the insights of our digital age, the book scrutinizes the profound interplay between technological architecture and the character of societies.

The book delves into the historical genesis of our contemporary digital milieu, explores the emerging vistas of artificial intelligence, dissects the interplay between technological architecture and political power, and presents a vision for a decentralized future. It demonstrates the transformative potential of decentralized technology in enhancing individual and societal wealth while fostering social cohesion, offering critical insights into the intersection of technology and society, and a guide to shaping a future that aligns with our democratic ideals.

Author Biography


Matt Stroud gained his PhD in Astrophysics from University College London. After University, he joined the UK mobile operator EE, where he held roles both as Head of Network Strategy and later as Head of Corporate Strategy. Having become slightly obsessed with the potential of data, he joined the UK’s Digital Catapult as Head of Personal Data and Trust, helping corporates and start-ups innovate with personal data and AI. During this time, Matt was a member of the Stereo, which established Open Banking. Matt then joined the Canadian AI business Flybits as European Managing Director. He has also held senior positions in several consultancies. Matt is currently working on Neom, the futuristic mega-city in Saudi Arabia. In his spare time, he is a keen landscape photographer and has two wonderful children who will grow up to live in a world very different from today’s.

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ISBN (Paperback): 9781915054111, RRP £18.99 ISBN (E-book): 9781915054128, RRP £12.99  Published: 5th July 2024

Extent: 288 pages  
Format: 138x216mm  
Rights Held: World  
Genre: Politics/Innovation/Policymaking/Technology

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