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Cry Freedom

by James Tooley with John Drew

A clarion call for academics and policymakers alike, Cry Freedom prompts reflection on the evolving relationship between government and higher education. 

The book challenges compellingly the accepted wisdom that all universities are public entities controllable from Whitehall.

It urges readers to reconsider the core values of academic autonomy and freedom of action that were supposed to be enshrined in 2017’s Higher Education and Research Act but which have come under increasing regulatory assault. 

‘This important and well-written book combines a meticulous approach to evidence with a persuasive argument.’ NICK HILLMAN

‘Forensic and impassioned’ BARRONESS WOLF

‘Wonderfully erudite’ LORD AGNEW

‘Important analysis’ LORD WILLET TS

‘A must-read essay ’ LORD LILLEY

Author Biography


James Tooley, PhD, assumed the role of Vice-Chancellor at The University of Buckingham in October 2020, concurrently serving as Professor of Educational Entrepreneurship and Policy. Prior to this, he spent two decades as a professor of education policy at Newcastle University, with intermittent periods fostering entrepreneurial education projects in the developing world. In addition to academic stints at the Universities of Oxford and Manchester, James is renowned for groundbreaking research on low-cost private education, earning accolades such as the gold prize in the International Finance Corporation/Financial Times Private Sector Development Competition and a Templeton Prize for Free Market Solutions to Poverty. The views expressed in this monograph are personal and do not reflect Buckingham’s policy or practices.

Cry Freedom cover.png

ISBN (Paperback): 9781917163989, RRP £14.99 ISBN (E-book): 9781917163996, RRP £9.99  Published: 10th May 2024

Extent: 120 pages  
Format: 135x214mm  
Rights Held: World  
Genre: Policymaking/Higher Education

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