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Modern Management and Leadership

by Jon Bright

With the advance of the technological revolution and change in working practices, much has changed in business over recent years, but one essential truth remains – the importance of leadership and management. Jon Bright brings these two fundamentals for any company, organisation or person managing people together in one place.

Whether beginning the long slog up the corporate lad-der in traditional organisations – including local government, the civil service or the not-for-profit sector – or trying to navigate your way in smaller, more fluid and agile organisations, the book covers all angles of leadership and management. It is for those managing people for the first time and old hands who have got a bit lost. It’s also for people who find themselves in senior leadership roles but have the insight to know they need to further develop their confidence, insights and skills.

From building a team to managing for the long-term, those that are successful in organisations all have one thing in common, the ability to lead and manage.

Author Biography


Until 2014, Jon was a senior civil servant in the UK Government. His last role was Director of Homelessness and Housing Support in the Department of Communities and Local Government. Before that, posts included Regional Director of the Government Office for the South West, Director of Policy in Birmingham City Council, Head of Implementation in the Government’s Neighbourhood Renewal Unit and Deputy Director of the Social Exclusion Unit in the Cabinet Office.  Before joining the Civil Service, he was a director of two national organisations addressing crime reduction and urban safety. Since leaving the Civil Service, he has been CEO of two charities in Oxfordshire, Community First and Citizens Advice. He was awarded a Harkness Fellowship to study in the USA and has visited Australia as an advisor on several occasions. He has been a member of several boards and is the author of two books.  He now contributes to training programmes for overseas civil servants and undertakes occasional consultancy and writing projects.

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ISBN (Paperback): 9781915643933 RRP £14.99 ISBN (E-book): 9781915643940, RRP £9.99   Extent: 244 pages  
Format: 135x214mm  
Rights Held: World  
Genre: Business/Leadership/Management

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