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Originally set up in 1985, University of Buckingham Press is an independent publisher of wide-ranging trade and academic books and journals, working closely with the University of Buckingham - the UK’s first private university. Our mission is to publish meaningful research and written content and make it as available to as wide a global audience as possible.


UBP publishes a growing number of journals, under both subscription and open access models, covering diverse subjects, including medicine, law, economics, architecture, cyber security and education.  UBP’s journals are published in partnership with a number of university departments and professional associations.

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UBP publishes a wide range of books, both through retail and is shortly to launch an Open Access range of monographs. Its books cover an array of subjects including education, climate change, environment, economics, law, art, food and drink, literature and media studies.

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At University of Buckingham Press, we are interested in submissions from most disciplines across the humanities, science and social science – particularly books that simultaneously make a contribution to scholarly debate and have the potential to cross over to a general readership.


Mission Statement

The five fundamental principles of UBP’s mission are:

  1. Quality: having a rigorous editorial and production process to ensure highest possible quality of work published;

  2. Thought-Leadership: publishing content that adds to and generates knowledge and debate across subject areas;

  3. Platform: providing an open platform on which to lift up and highlight the best written work and research;

  4. Equality: whether for writers, researchers, booksellers, libraries, content providers or readers, to provide an equal platform for all;

  5. Access: to ensure global access across platforms, institutions, formats and countries to all published work.


We always welcome any comments, questions or feedback you may have so please get in touch!


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